How can a business benefit from B2B events?

July 10, 2021


In a market that is permanently changing, businesses are continuously looking for new opportunities to grow. The clients, as well as the suppliers, are searching for new collaborations to bring efficiency and effectiveness to their business, they are looking for new markets to develop, saving cost and sales growth opportunities.

What are B2B events?

From the concept Business to

How can your business benefit from exhibiting at a trade show?

July 09, 2021


From visibility to credibility, exhibiting at a trade show has lots of benefits for your business. Establishing a presence, whether big or small, for your company at a trade show gives you a powerful platform for meeting new customers, reaching out to your existing clients, and building a more established and reliable brand.

A lot of businesses put off exhibiting at a trade show because of the cost. It’s true – developin

The most sought after cars in Romania this year so far

September 11, 2021

ACAROM announced which were the most sought after new cars in Romania in the past months.

New car registrations in Romania increased in August 2021 by + 44.56% compared to August 2020, reaching a volume of 16,129 units. For the first eight months of 2021, the level of new car registrations in Romania reached the level of 79,320 units, an increase of + 7.59% compared to the similar period of 2020, respectively 73,723 units.

Citroën AMI is the most affordable electric car and can be driven from the age of 16. When can you order it in Romania?

September 11, 2021

Citroën is inventing 100% electric mobility for all with AMI, an ultra-compact, agile, protective, colourful urban mobility object that is accessible from the age of 16 (in Romania). A solution that is not limited to the object and brings major advantages that go beyond the automotive context: very competitive “à la carte” offers targeted towards specific uses, a 100% online journey and innovative distribution methods.

Unikie and Valmet implement automated parking solution at factory

September 10, 2021

Finnish deep technology company Unikie and the automotive service provider Valmet Automotive are testing and validating an automated parking solution at a factory. The two companies say the “Automated Factory Parking” technology, developed by Unikie, is being assessed in a “business-critical factory environment”, and is an important step in taking the new technology to the production stage.

Toyota is preparing two hydrogen models for late 2022

September 10, 2021

The Toyota Corolla GR is expected to arrive in late 2022, according to an article published by Forbes. Plus, the brand will launch hydrogen-powered versions of the Prius and Corolla in the coming years, the same report claims. 

conTeyor launched the new Ecopack KIT

September 09, 2021

conTeyor has launched the Ecopack KIT, a new generation of returnable modular storage. The plastic container has been improved which results into a larger but light weight all-in-one waterproof storage.

The Ecopack KIT is driven by innovation and a result of continuous engineering excellence, quality and sustainability. Advantages of the new Ecopack KIT are unique safety, versatility, ergonomics and ease of use combined with the quality and durability of the Ecopack Classic.

Top 10 best selling cars in Europe, led by Dacia Sandero

September 05, 2021

In July’s model rankings, the Dacia Sandero secured the top spot for the first time since its launch back in 2008. Thanks to the new generation, the subcompact posted significant gains in Germany (+15%), Romania (+24%), and topped the rankings in France and Spain – alongside being the 8th best-selling car in the year-to-date rankings. Last month, there were also strong performances in the SUV segment as both the Hyundai Tucson and Ford Puma entered the top 10.

Robots: from Automated to Autonomous

September 05, 2021

The AMR market is booming. In 2020, the market size was $356 million. MarketWatch predicts that it will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.9% to $1011 million by 2026. Manufacturing and logistics enterprises' demand high throughput, quick and easy robot deployment, and flexible production lines. This trend, accompanied by the emergence of new applications, is driving a major movement from automated guided vehicles (AGVs) to AMRs. To understand the megatrend from AGVs to AMRs, let’s examine the two technologies.

Major investment in Oradea: CBRE provides strategic consulting for the cargo terminal

September 04, 2021

The entire project will be built on a plot of 14.4 ha and will be directly connected to the runway of Oradea airport, involving the construction of three single-unit buildings (warehouses and hangars) and the construction of the runway, access taxiway and the airport apron, respectively car access and car parking platform of the terminal. The total investment will exceed EUR 32 mln., marking the expansion of CTP in Oradea, the 11th city in Romania where the company invests strategically.

ArcelorMittal publishes second group climate action report

September 04, 2021

In the new report, ArcelorMittal has for the first time announced a 2030 global carbon emissions intensity reduction target of 25%. It has also increased its European 2030 carbon emissions intensity reduction target to 35% from 30% previously announced. All targets are on a scope 1 and 2 basis. The Company had previously announced a net zero by 2050 ambition in September 2020.

Latest commodity prices: September 2021

September 04, 2021

After rising in 9 of the previous 10 months, energy prices retreated in August, falling 2,1%. Non-energy prices fell 1 %.

European new car registrations and EV statistics in July

August 28, 2021

According to data from 26 European markets, new car registrations slowed in July, recording a year-on-year decline of 24% as total volume decreased from 1.27 million units to 967,830. Similar results were recorded in July 2012, when the market registered 966,090 units. The year-to-date results remain positive, up by 17% compared to 2020 with 7,381,735 units registered, but down by 24% when compared with January to July 2019.

Robots continue to drive innovation in modern transportation

August 28, 2021

Outside of manufacturing, the implementation of robotics in transportation is a relatively recent phenomenon. Despite this relative novelty, robots have already made significant strides in the transportation industry, driving innovation across multiple sub-sectors and applications. Modern transportation wouldn’t be the same without robots, and the future will only serve to solidify this.

Here’s how robots are pushing the transportation industry forward and where they could go from here.

Bridgestone partners with autonomous freight leader Einride to create cleaner, safer, low-carbon fleet mobility

August 27, 2021

Bridgestone and Einride announced a partnership aimed at co-creating innovative and sustainable mobility solutions for electrified and autonomous Class 8 vehicles. The collaboration will allow Einride to collect new layers of safety and efficiency-related data from Bridgestone’s smart-sensing tires, while enabling Bridgestone to integrate its advanced mobility technologies into Einride’s onboard vehicle platforms. Together, the companies will work towards a more sustainable future for large commercial truck fleets.

Bolt electric scooters are now available in Sibiu

August 27, 2021

Mobility company Bolt launched its e-scooter rental service in Sibiu, central Romania, last weekend. According to Sibiu City Hall, a total of 240 scooters are available to riders in the Transylvanian city as of Sunday, August 22.

Argo AI and Ford to launch self-driving vehicles on Lyft Network by end of 2021

August 27, 2021

Argo AI and Ford will deploy Ford self-driving cars, with safety drivers, on the Lyft network, as part of a network access agreement, with passenger rides beginning in Miami later this year and in Austin starting in 2022. In an industry-first collaboration, Argo AI, Lyft and Ford Motor Company are working together to commercialize autonomous ride hailing at scale.